"Ireland's Finest Most Creative"

Here's What Other Marketers Say About Him:

Padraig constantly came up with numerous marketing ideas and marketing strategies for my company. He is a creative, positive person and is excellent at organising and bringing people together. Padraig is extremely enthusiastic about his work and was dedicated to ensuring that the marketing activities for the company were successful.
— Sarah Dineen, Founder Social Que
As part of a new team that needed to ramp up rapidly with little guidance, Padraig demonstrated excellent initiative and business aptitude in learning about the needs of our group and accordingly mapping out projects to generate valuable market insights. His work continues to pay dividends long past his time here. Padraig would be a tremendous addition to any marketing team, and I wish him all success in his future endeavours.
— Gopal Rajagopalan, VP Strategic Sourcing, Verizon
Padraig is very enthusiastic, interested and hard working. He is very detail orientated and enjoys the on-line aspects of marketing. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.
— Lisa Herlihy, Marketing Manager Dairymaster
Padraig is a dedicated, ambitious and result driven. We hired Padraig to take care of PR and photography within the bar and nightclub. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, Padraig is your man! He is great in dealing with difficult situations and a fantastic problem solver. I recommend him to anyone looking for someone with his skill set.
— Brian Foughy, Manager JD's Bar & Nightclub
It’s not every day that you come across standout talent like Padraig! I had the pleasure of working with Padraig on the 2014 UCC Annual Business Conference, at which I spoke. Padraig worked remarkably hard to ensure that the conference went according to plan and a lot of credit must be given to Padraig when recounting the success of the event. It was a pleasure to have worked with Padraig and any employer would be lucky to have him.
— Alan Gallagher, Senior Account Manager Core HR
Padraig proved to be excellent at marketing our employment opportunities at Pace to students, which is no small feat. He also played an integral part in promoting our other HR events at the university. Padraig is a quick learner, his willingness to work on any project I assign him makes him stand out more. I hands down recommend Padraig for any employment opportunity he pursues in the future.
— Meghan O'Mara, HR Coordinator at Borderfree
I’d like to recommend Padraig for positions in digital marketing. He has a firm understanding of the issues surrounding digital marketing planning and execution. In addition, he is well established as a blogger with significant experience in a variety of positions in marketing and media.
— Professor Randi Priluck, Pace University
Padraig was an excellent student, diligent in all his studies and an active participant in university life.
— Dr. Theresa Reidy, Lecturer UCC