Live Stream, Trolling and Facebook Mentions For Marketers - With Live Video Expert Lisa Illman.

As Facebook prepares to launch their livestream service Facebook Mentions worldwide I felt it was very timely to discuss where live video is going in the future, the challenges ahead and how these platforms can be used by businesses.

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There is no better person to speak to about live stream than live streaming and business development expert, Lisa Illman.

Lisa was an early adapter to Meerkat, BLAB and Periscope. Seeing an incredible potential with live-stream, Lisa immediately began holding private Periscope workshops while creating an additional live-stream income for 

A few months into her live-stream journey, Lisa was featured by in an article that describes her journey on Periscope. She now offers live-stream business development consulting for entrepreneurs and small business and started the first and only Meetup in Philadelphia, USA for speakers and live streamers.

Thank you so much for agreeing to interview with me Lisa. It must be almost six months since I found you on Periscope (that's Twitter's live streaming platform for those that don't know). Back then you were doing very well as an early adaptor and growing a substantial following, how has it been since?

Livestream, especially Periscope has been very good for me and my business. It continues to bring tremendous value at record speed.


Now for those that don’t know Lisa Illman - you live stream about business development and sales, right? 

Yes, that is correct. My favourite topics are creating revenue streams for business and I even offer virtual office hours where I'll walk a professional through the development of a robust sales pipeline. That individual gets action items, feedback and direction during the live broadcast, and the other viewers can also apply it to their businesses. 


Lisa Illman shows off her the lastest article she has been featured in (Entreprenur Magazine) 

Lisa Illman shows off her the lastest article she has been featured in (Entreprenur Magazine) 

I wish I could check out more of your scopes, they are always so interesting and packed with great content, but I simply can’t watch Periscope on the go because of capped/limited data. I think this is something that is holding live streaming back worldwide, have you noticed any other challenges that the live streaming platforms are facing?

I understand your predicament; it is a challenge to keep up with all the broadcasts. Using the app offers a library of live broadcasts for viewers to enjoy at their convenience, but just like anything (emails, blog posts, Facebook posts) it is hard to keep up with all the content. I don't see live stream as being held back though. Live stream is another channel for any message to be communicated globally. Just like anything on the Internet, there will be people who use it for negative messaging. That is probably the biggest challenge I see; oh and copyright infringement will be difficult to police.


You are right, that said, Periscope must be doing something right. I read recently that they hit over 100 million live broadcasts. They are growing at an incredible rate, have you noticed the increase in users on the platform itself? Have viewers on your live streams increased?

Wow, that is great; I hadn't heard 100 million, but I might have missed it. I see new people coming to Periscope every day but not everyone broadcasts and a smaller percent broadcast regularly. First to market and user-friendly I think really help Periscope be as popular as it is.


You took to live streaming like a duck to water; you are such a natural at it. A lot of people would shy away from the camera. Have you any tips for someone who wants to get started with live stream?

For folks who are a bit shy about live stream, I recommend short broadcasts at first. No more than 5 minutes. Plan and write out what you want to say ahead of time and practice it a few times before going live. On Periscope there is a private session option.

I offer this one on one in my Periscope for beginners consulting. This is extremely beneficial to someone who wants to make a good impression but is shy and bee to Livestream. Practicing in front of someone first via Periscope can be very beneficial and really help with nervousness.


I love the interactive aspect of these streaming platforms. The way that you can ask a question or make a comment during the broadcast but I find that a lot of the time what someone says in a five-minute live stream would be explained in a YouTube video in about a minute. There are so many distractions for the speaker like questions and comments that slow down what they are trying to say. Have you noticed this?

Yes totally - the distraction can be very annoying. It is bittersweet I guess; being interactive is something that really bridges a relationship with broadcaster to audience but the broadcaster needs to field the comments in a way he is engaging and staying on topic too. Not easy coming right out of the gate, but it can be done.


And let’s not get started on trolling, I know you have experienced this in the past. How did you deal with it?

Trolls are a major deterrent for many.  

What I did instead of walking away from Periscope and ultimately giving into the troll fear was ask myself some questions. I seriously did this prior to going live my first time on Periscope. You see, in addition to my fears, I had this overwhelming sense of excitement about live stream. I didn't really know why or how this little app Periscope would fit into my plans with, I just had a sixth sense instinct that it would be of great value. Since these two, very strong and opposing feelings, enthusiasm and fear, were so contradictory to each other, I sat down and scratched out a brainstorm on two questions.

1) What is the worst that can happen?

2) What is the best that can happen?

Instead of ending up with a list of bullet point items, I wrote about eight pages of my fears, dreams and goals. At that time, I had no idea Periscope would help me in so many ways(and it still continues to be a tremendous resource providing more and more value at record speeds) but I did know live streaming would be a great place for me to practice my craft of public speaking. I knew live stream would offer prospective clients a channel to get to know me quicker than traditional social media. I knew live stream would help me accelerate the trust process with prospective clients. As I continued writing, my enthusiasm magnified. I was writing so fast and furiously I was literally squashing the fear. Ideas started flooding my mind, and I was having a hard time staying seated while I wrote. As this enthusiasm heightened, the trolls became smaller in my mind and I started visualizing how I would handle them. After my writing frenzy, there was no way anything was going to stop me from pushing broadcast especially not a bored 12 year old boy getting a kick out of watching other people squirm (which is really what most trolls are).

I literally took a 'come and get me' attitude about Trolls. I would laugh when they came on and tell my viewers that trolls come to scopes when you are successful because they hate success. I would say...

"The more trolls I get today, the better. I know I am on the right path if I am upsetting the trolls."


I love how you embrace the trolling Lisa! We have certainly given these live streaming sites a lot of things they can improve on throughout the interview so far. Listen up Periscope, Meerkat, Facebook Mentions and co! You must be well used to this all as an early adapter to live streaming. 

Moving away from the challenging aspects of these platforms, what do you think is the single most significant benefit for people who live stream? 

It depends what type of business the broadcaster has. I would previously had said live stream accelerates the trust process among the broadcaster and his viewers, but now that I have been broadcasting for 6 months, I see the value in many areas. The experience of being a regular live streamer is extremely valuable in itself. For instance, I am haveing more speaking opportunities because of this knowledge and experience, and I am able to help more clients with my knowledge as well.


There are going to be a lot of marketers who are asking themselves now is live streaming worth it, for themselves or their company. What do you say to them?

Almost always, yes but it really depends on the company, the resources, and the business models. Most importantly it is important to identify the short term and long term goals of the company too. There are some legal concerns with certain industries too, like the Financial companies and even Law Firms. I see the biggest value so far among small businesses. 


And is live streaming something they can make money from? I know you offer a range of courses on public speaking have you seen any sales come from live stream?

I have seen sales from live stream through a few channels. My one on one Skype sessions are the biggest money generator from Periscope at this time, and my private Periscope workshops are also a new revenue stream for 


I know you have gained early access to Facebook’s live streaming platform; Facebook Mentions and I have some shots of you in action here for my readers. How has your experience on there been so far?

Lisa Illman Facebook Live Stream - Facebook Mentions 

I am very excited about Facebook live streaming. The number of people an entrepreneur can reach on Facebook is incredible; the only challenge I see with this platform for business is if the businesses ideal client is who the broadcast is reaching. For now, you can only stream from your profile. Once Facebook opens it up so pages can also broadcast, that is really going to be exciting. 


Very recently they launched it for all iPhone users in the US, how has the uptake been over in the States?

Pretty good for me. I know Periscope is struggling with some hiccups on Android and iOS but I think Facebook is rolling at pretty smooth.


We are certainly looking forward to getting it in Europe! 

Finally, Lisa, I have to ask the burning question on everyone’s lips - what is going to happen Periscope and the other live streaming platforms when Facebook open live streaming to everyone?

Great question! I think just like all other platforms, Facebook will dominate in numbers and other platforms will dominate in quality and audience. As we saw Facebook buy Instagram, I am curious to see what gaps they will fill with live stream purchases.

Lisa, it has been a pleasure speaking with you, thank you for being the first person I have interviewed here on - where can people find you?

Always a pleasure Padraig! My website is I am on Twitter and of course Periscope @lisaillman.


As always thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. Let me know your thoughts on live streaming or any comments you have in the comment section below or via Twitter @oconnorpadraig

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