My Blog (This One) Has Been Shortlisted For A Blog Award

This week I got super exciting news, my blog (this one) has been shortlisted as the Best Marketing & Communication Blog at the 2015 Blog Awards Ireland.

I can hardly believe it myself!

I started blogging back in January of this year as part on an SEO strategy I developed to get my website to the number one spot on Google for my name, 'Padraig O'Connor'. That happened after about four months but after realising how much I loved documenting my marketing thoughts publicly (which people tell me is a blog) I kept it up and never looked back.

Earlier this month I was long listed for the 'Best Marketing & Communication Blog' for The Blog Awards Ireland and now that I'm shortlisted I felt it warranted a blog post. 

Thanks to everyone who has read, commented, shared, liked, talked, tweeted or mentioned my marketing thoughts in this blog, on LinkedIn Pulse, Social Media Week or any where else they appeared over the past nine months.


If you think my blog deserves to be crowned 'Best Marketing & Communications Blog' I'd be delighted if you vote for it here:

Vote for me here

There is only one of me, even though the button says vote for us!
As always thank you so much for reading :)