How to Best Promote Your Job opportunities on Twitter.

There is a point where human resources and marketing overlap. You need to market your company to prospective employees. Having just worked in the human resource department in Pace University, partly focusing on how to market their job opportunities to prospective employees, I witnessed this overlap regularly. Twitter is a great way to market your job opportunities to potential candidates as many people search for jobs on Twitter.

Here are seven steps to ensure your job opportunities are being seen by potential employees on Twitter.

 1.     Use a job search related Hashtag

You should always start the tweet with a job search related hashtag for example #JobOpening #Job #JobSearch #Jobhunt #JobListing etc. People looking for jobs will search these hashtags so by hashtagging them your jobs come up in the search. 

Here is an example:


2.     Hashtag the job location

You should hashtag or include the location of the job in the Twitter post so whether it is #Kerry or #Dublin in Ireland or #Manhattan in New York.  You want to make sure to include as this is another popular technique used by social media savvy job hunters. This is important as candidates will not search for a job-related hashtag like #JobOpening alone since then every job in the world posted to Twitter would appear (that Is a lot of jobs!). 

Instead when a person is looking for a job they will combine a job-related hashtag with a location for example '#JobOpening Kerry' or '#Job Dublin'. This way they only see jobs in the geographic area they are searching. If it was a large area like New York, they might even include the field they are in too. 

Like this:



3.     Link directly to the job posting.

When adding a link to a job posting, it should link directly to the posting page rather than the general careers page. You would be surprised how many businesses include a posting number but no link. Adding a link makes it as easy as possible for the candidate to apply, and it makes your business look organised and professional. You should use a shortened link rather than the actual one, to save on charter count that Twitter limits. I recommend using to shorten links as it also offers basic analytics.


4.     Tweet at Job dedicated Twitter Accounts. 

You should also tweet at dedicated Twitter accounts by including them in your tweet. Two examples of these are @jobs4NYC (New York) or @jobfairy (Ireland). You can find others in your area by doing a search on Twitter. By mentioning them in the tweet or in the comment section under your tweet, hopefully they will retweet your tweet meaning their many followers will see it.



5.     Add an advantage or job benefit to the tweet.

To make your tweet stand out from the other job-related tweets and to make the position more attractive to candidates, you should add a job benefit. For example “Competitive Salary” or in the case of a university “Tuition Remission”. 



6.     Add a hashtag unique to your company 

If it will fit you should also add a company related hashtag that is unique to just your job openings. This allows potential employees to search for jobs in you company on Twitter. When I worked at Pace University, their unique hashtag was #PaceHotJobs. The logic behind doing this is that you allow people to separate your job related tweets from all your other tweets.



7.     Add a call to action. 

Finally, you should add a call to action to create a sense of urgency in applying and potential candidates to carry out the action. For example 'Apply now', or 'See more here' are good calls to action. Ideally they should be placed before the link. 

Here is an example of a tweet that a university might craft for the position of an Events Manager:

New #JobOpening for Development Events Manager #NY, Competitive Salary & Tuition Remission Apply today: #PaceHotJobs


This tweet encompasses all of the elements mentioned above to get your job opportunity heard.

A lot goes into perfecting a 140 character Twitter post about a job vacancy. If you follow these simple steps, you will be on the way to creating excellent job opportunity posts that will gain the maximum exposure from potential candidates. 

If you have any questions on how to promote your job opportunities on Twitter or by other means, do not hesitate to send me a tweet or comment below.