The Switch: From T.V. To YouTube

Advertisers love T.V. but the future of the T.V. industry will determine the future of T.V. advertising. The advertisers have to go where the viewers are and what we are now seeing now is a shift from T.V. viewing to YouTube viewing particularly for younger audiences. 

Media Storm recently explained that people viewing T.V. online is not a problem for them or advertisers now or in the future because the majority of T.V. viewing is done live/same day. According to them the problem is people watching other videos online that is not T.V. content. For example YouTube videos. See the video below (you need sound):

Through monitoring the viewing habits of six people; two teens, two young adults and two people above fifty years over a seven day period I found that teens and young people are watching Youtube and other online digital content heavily. The fifty plus demographic watched television on some catch up player sites it was mainly via traditional television. These findings back up the data already provided by YouTube below.

YouTube reaches 67% of 18 to 34 year olds and 59% of 35 to 48 year olds in the US. With many YouTuber's getting millions of views per month it is no wonder advertisers are getting more and more interested in striking partnerships with the individuals behind them. Many vloggers are paid for native advertising or making videos that include a segment about a particular brand.

The future of television advertising is in the hands of the views and as viewers use digital more and watch television less companies need to make sure their digital strategy is working. It is well worth investing in a YouTube channel or even in their TrueView advertising if your target market falls within that of YouTube's market and it will for most companies.

tv v digital infographic

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