My 4 Favourite Ads of Superbowl 2015

This week saw many companies splash the cash on hugely expensive Super Bowl XLIX advertisements. The run up to the event was the best ever for advertisers with Youtube reporting that people watched up to almost four million hours of game day teasers leading up to the event, proving it is well worth releasing your commercial, or at least a teaser ahead of game day. 

There was much debate over whether the large viewership and PR following the event justifies the spend. The New York Times reported that a sizeable 121 million people tuned in to watch the 2015 Super Bowel and of course Twitter exploded! There was 24.9 million tweets about the Superbowl and the half time show. Although that was hardly surprising since the queen of Twitter Katie Perry (with 66 million twitter followers) was performing the half time show which was once again sponsored by Pepsi. Down to the Ads - Here are my four favourites!

4. BMW 

I had to give BMW a mention not just because I was on set for the making of the ad but because they put a creative spin on introducing consumers to their latest electric car the i3. The company pointed out while some things can take getting used to (like electric cars) they can end up to be great (just like the internet).

3. Clash of Clans - Revenge

Who better to use in a Super Bowl commercial than Irish actor Liam Neeson. The game Clash of Clans got it right when they did a commercial of similar style to the Taken movies that Neeson also stars in. I'm sure Taken fans were very happy when they saw this advert!

2. Always - #LikeAGirl

Always played it safe and used a shortened version of a video they had previously released that went viral. I thought their causal marketing was very effective and the fact that their creative had already already proven to go down very well online ment that little could go wrong for them with this commercial. The commercial had a powerful message that tied in with the brand very well.

1. Budweiser - "Lost Dog"

The Budweiser "Lost Dog" commercial was irresistible as ever and a like previous years the company pulled on the heart strings of the viewers by using a cute labrador puppy and clydesdale horses. It worked yet again! The company didn't have as much luck with their second Superbowl commercial which fired shots at craft breweries and as a result received much backlash from craft beer companies. 

They are my four favourite commercials of the 2015 Superbowl! And I'm all ready excited for next years ads!


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