How Relaxing Could Make Your Marketing More Productive

Final exams are done, yearly work deadlines have been met, and many businesses wind down a little before the New Year. It is almost time to relax, crack open the champaign and dust off the dancing shoes for the New Year's Eve party. It is a chance for us all to relax, recharge the batteries and unwind before another busy year ahead.


Too Busy To Relax?

"I'm too busy to relax". No time to take off work because you are in the middle of a project or because you have to study for finals. Then it is time to cram, crash and burn or pull an 'all-nighter'. We have all been there. At times, it's important to ramp up our efforts, but it is equally important to relax and unwind, after all, it is when you will get those eureka moments. 


Relaxing Gives You Bright Ideas

If you are anything like me, you will think of ideas randomly while commuting, taking a walk, listening music or just as you are about to fall asleep (perfect timing!). I think up something I should add to a college project, get an idea for a LinkedIn post or for something new I want to try at work. We have our best thoughts when we are relaxed, free of stress and when the pressure is off. It is no wonder that many companies have created relaxed working environments where employees can relax and work at the same time, it works!


Do What Ever It Takes To Unwind

How we relax can take many different forms. I relax by surfing the net, watching content online, taking some photos or meeting up with friends. Some of my friends say that work is relaxing as it takes them away from the stress or college exams and assignments (wait until they get a full-time job). We all relax in different ways, finding out what makes gets you into relaxation mode will do you the world of good. 


Work & Unwind At The Same Time

It is possible to be very productive while relaxing at the same time. I enjoy reading marketing blogs and articles about marketing to unwind. It is a means of relaxing and educating myself on current marketing trends and hearing other peoples opinions on them.  I also find writing a little therapeutic at the same time as improving my personal brand. If you can overlap some work with relaxation, it could work in your favour.


Aim To Relax More

In 2016 find your balance between working and relaxing. Try to discover how you can relax a little and work at the same because it could make you more productive and feel much better. Many people say the work-life balance is gone. In my opinion, it is not, there is just more of a crossover between the two. We can now relax and work at the same time.

Even the Duracell Bunny runs out of steam and needs to recharge. We all could do with 'recharging our batteries' from time to time. It does not have to slow you down, it could make you more productive. Here's to a relaxing and productive New Year.

What do you to relax and unwind? Have you noticed that being relaxed while working boosts your productivity? What will you do to 'recharge the batteries', in 2016? Send me a tweet or comment below to let me know.


Here's to a relaxing and productive New Year!