The 10 Best Television Ads You Will See This Christmas.

It is time to get excited about commercials again...

And no, unfortunately, it's not the time for the Super Bowl commercials just yet - but Christmas ads are the next best thing!

Too early? 

You might have thought so, but Christmas started a long time ago for marketers involved in producing these television (and now online) commercials. 

Christmas Commercials 2014

Last year John Lewis's 'Monty The Penguin' was one of the most popular Christmas commercials online getting over 24 million views on YouTube.

Christmas Commercials 2015

Many brands making major media buys for their Christmas commercials on television and online. This year looks like an even more competitive year! The themes of many ads surround giving, neighbourliness, kindness and sharing.

I have managed to narrow down my favourites to just ten! These ads not only have a well thought out marketing objective but also a great creative.

10. Cadbury 'Christmas 2015'.

Christmas and chocolate go hand and hand, but this commercial doesn't get the number 10 spot for my love of chocolate. They get the spot for their smart marketing, making their Christmas advert a part of their bigger 'Free The Joy' campaign. This Ad is probably Cadbury's attempt to make their brand appear joyful and fun, they are going a damn good job at it!

9. Harvey Nichols - Avoid #GiftFace

For incorporating a hashtag (a running trend this year) and for creating a commercial we can all relate to, Harvey Nichols take number nine. This gets the number nine spot because everyone knows what it feels like having to pretend you like a gift when you really don't!

8. PayPal - No Presents

Why does it always take so long to check out online? The creative might not be the best, but PayPal want to give customers a clear message. You can check out really quickly with Paypal. I like that this ad is simple and effective while still having the Christmas feel.

Here is where they start to get really good...

7. Asda - 'Because It's Christmas'.

I love how modern Asda's Christmas Ad is, it feels so 2015! I also really like how they have integrated Shazam and a hashtag for use on social media. This is a very smart Ad with an excellent, modern creative!

6. M&S - #TheArtOfChristmas

M&S Christmas commercials are something I look forward to each year and this year I really like their Ad. It is surprisingly like the Asda ad though - did they use the same agency? The Ad brings a modern twist to traditional Christmas advertising.

5. Carphone Warehouse - Aussie Christmas

I debated putting this so high in the list. It is a love hate advert for me. While it is annoying, it is annoying in a good way. I really like that Carphone Warehouse have done something completely different to all other Christmas commercials and made theirs, not very christmasy! It stands out.

There’s nothing wrong with cutesy snowmen and Santas in Christmas ads, but we thought we’d try something different. Keith Lemon in the outback – it’s as wrong as being on the wrong phone deal.
-Julian Diment, Chief Marketing Officer Carphone Warehouse.


4. Coca Cola - Taste Christmas With Coke

It would not be Christmas without great Coca Cola adverts and this year is no exception. In this advert Coca Cola dispel all the things your parents told you not to do - because it's Christmas. This deserves the number four spot because of the exceptional creative and the subtle promotion of their brand.


The Top Three

What is very interesting is that all my favourite Christmas adverts of 2015 tell a story and make you feel a strong emotion inside. They are memorable and they are also longer that traditional advertisements. You could almost call them feature films. They work really well.

The downside is when they appear on our television screens they will more than likely be shortened to save advertising dollars. That is the major advantage of digital advertising. With YouTube advertising the length of your commercial has no effect on the actual cost of the advert. You are charged only if the advert is watched for more than thirty seconds.

It will be interesting to see the full media buys of all these adverts after Christmas - maybe it is an idea for another blog post!


3. Macy's - The Wish Writer

The concept of this advert is so cleaver. It has two important elements story telling and of course that all important Christmas feel to it. I really like that the viewer has no idea who the advert is for until you see the Macy's store at the end of the advert. Macy's got everything right and well deserve the number three spot!

2. John Lewis - #ManOnTheMoon

Where do I start - this commercial is just completely inspirational and very well put together. Rather than advertise the brand John Lewis are more interested in you to show someone they're loved. This John Lewis advert lived up to the very high exceptions everyone had for it and it could very well be the most popular advert of Christmas 2015.


And finally, drumroll please...


1. Sainsbury's - Mog’s Christmas Calamity

Sainsbury's invested a lot in the production of their advert this year which features an animated cat called Mog. Like the other adverts this one tells a story and has a real Christmas feel to it. I like that the commercial draws the viewer along, making one anticipate what might happen and sympathise with the cat. The Sainsbury's logo is only seen in the last part of the advert, they do not over promote themselves and instead focus on the story. Less, is more.

People have a thing for animals and I know they are going to go mad for Mog who originally started out in a children's story book. This might not be the last we hear of Mog, just look at what Budweiser do with the puppy in every Super Bowl advert.

One things for sure Mog’s Christmas Calamity is one hell of an advert and my favourite for 2015. Speaking to Marketing, Sainsbury's Mark Given said;

The Christmas ad phenomenon seems to grow every year and it's about demonstrating you really understand the meaning of Christmas for customers. In this ad, we want to give a real heartwarming feel about a community coming together.
Mark Given, Sainsbury's Director of Planning and Propositions

You can also see the making of the advert here: