Absolutely Amazing Marketing Hacks To Use Right Now.

For us marketers there are never enough hours in the day. We could all do with getting things done quicker and smarter. Here are the ways I have found make my marketing efforts more productive.

1. Use CoSchedule To Write Your Headlines

You probably write articles, blogs press releases or other content that requires a headline. A great headline is crucial. It is the difference between someone clicking into your content and reading it or passing it by - it must be good. You could almost say the headline is more important than the article.

I run almost all of my blog headlines through CoSchedule's Blog Post Headline Analyser. 


The tool even shows you how to improve your headline by adding powerful, uncommon, emotional as well as common words.

It also ensures your headline has the optimal amount of characters and words as well as show you how it would look in a Google search. It is a powerful tool that will help you create smarter headlines, really quickly.

2. Use Separate Email Accounts For Humans and Machines

You should keep one email address strictly for humans and one for machines. Never submit your human email to a form, never put it anywhere online, never give it to a computer. 

Have another email that you provide to download an online marketing report, register for events with and add to email lists. Turn your notifications off for this email, you can do with checking it much less than the human one.

Side Note: Sign up for lots of newsletters related to your area of marketing (on your machine email). There is lots of content that comes in email newsletters but can't be found online. Since doing this two years ago, I have been offered free merchandise, free or discounted marketing services like UserTesting for my website and one to one chats with co-founders of the latest marketing tech like I had with Inkybee after it launched.

3. Follow The Five Minute Rule

The five-minute rules states if something takes less than five minutes to do, you may as well do it there and then. I should follow this rule myself more often than I do.

Instead of adding the task to your to-do list, just do it. Whether it is sending a tweet or replying to an email, you already know what you have to do so it is quicker to get it done on the spot rather than hold off.

4. Use GroupMe For Group Messages

Almost everyone is in one of those group chats, the ones where everything goes off topic and almost nothing gets done. They are almost always on Facebook or WhatsApp. If you need a group chat to get things done, use a dedicated chat app to eliminate the distractions of social media and keep you focused. 

GroupMe is an excellent alternative to get things done quicker and it is free!


5. Find Bloggers Easily Using Inkybee

Accidently stumbling upon bloggers in your industry does not have to be the norm. I am frequently asked do I know of any bloggers in a particular area and I always turn to Inkybee.

It finds the most influential, high traffic blogs for your specific industry or keyword. You can also choose your location so whether you want to reach out to food bloggers in Ireland or tech bloggers in New York Inkybee will find you the best out there. Whether you want to invite us to an event, ask us to do a review or want to sponsor blog posts, now you know how to find us!


6. Use Browser Extensions To Your Advantage

There are some excellent browser extensions out there for marketers. They can tell you a lot at a very quick glance.

One of my favourites is the MozBar that gives you a snapshot of how much page authority a particular website and web page has. This is particularly useful in evaluating the quality of a link to your site or monitoring the quality of your search engine optimisation compared to your competitors.

It also gives scores relating to spam and the amount of social shares the page has. The MozBar sits at the top of your browser and you have the option of hiding it at any time.

Another extension that makes writing content much easier is Grammarly. It checks your spelling and grammar as you write (much better than Microsoft Word) and it even suggests how you can improve your writing.

7. Setup One Click Social Media Sharing To Share Content Quicker

One-click social media sharing is brilliant! You can share any page you visit instantly on social media. Anytime I see an interesting article I tweet it out via BufferIt is my favourite tool for scheduling social media. Buffer is easy to use and even has a mobile app so you can schedule on the go.


 8. Easily See What Is Popular In Marketing With BuzzSumo

It is always nice to know what is going on in the marketing industry, but that is a lot of ground to cover. If you want to keep up with the news everyone is talking about then you need BuzzSumo.

It tells you what news is the most popular news in marketing right now. You can even narrow down the term to digital marketing, social media marketing or whatever you are interested in and find out what stories marketers are sharing the most.

9. Keep Your Marketing Thoughts On Evernote

When you think of an idea, jot it down in Evernote and you won't forget it. You can organise your thoughts with different notebooks and everything will be there no matter where you go. 

I often use Evernote when I think of an interesting blog post to write. Whether I am out for a walk or commuting Evernote allows me to keep track of my thoughts.

10. Follow My Marketing Blog

My last marketing hack is to follow me here so everytime I write something awesome (I'll let you be the judge of that) you get a notification. You should also follow other markers too!