Kim Kardashian and Marketing: 3 Surprising Things They Have In Common

Picture by: Eva Rinaldi

1. Social Media

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Above: A recent photo of Kim Kardashian posted to her Instagram.

A very large part of marketing is now online through social channels. Social Media is something Kim is an expert on, I would go as far as saying she is obsessed! Kim has tweeted over eighteen thousand times. She might be disappointed though, she missed out on getting a place in the top ten most followed people on Twitter. At the time of writing Katie Perry holds the top spot with over sixty-two thousand followers, before Justin Bieber and Barack Obama. Kim currently stands at sixteenth place in the Twitter following leaderboard. Despite this Kim still gets paid $10,000 for a single tweet. The businesses that have the highest twitter following are all social media platforms. Youtube is the most popular business on Twitter followed by Instagram and Twitter itself.

While Instagram isn’t as popular with marketers, it is Ms.Kardashian West’s favourite social network. No wonder she has the highest following of all Instagram users with over twenty-three million followers in total. What an achievement! She normally posts several photos, almost every day on Instagram. While Kim gets top marks for her personal Instagram you can see what businesses get top marks for Instagram marketing in my past blog post here.

2. Loyal Following

One aim for marketers is to target their marketing efforts correctly so they get noticed by their target audience. They make potential customers fall in love with their product/service and hope they turn into a loyal customer. Kim Kardashian knows a thing or two about getting noticed. Last year she posed nude for Paper magazine who intended to 'break the internet'. The result over thirty-four million website hits for Paper and some serious publicity for Kim Kardashian. As if she didn’t have enough followers, she was about to get so many more and she knows how to treat her loyal followers well. Kim regularly answers her fans questions on social media. 

3. Branding

The Kardashian's Dash Brand. Picture courtesy of Wikimedia.

The Kardashian's Dash Brand. Picture courtesy of Wikimedia.

Branding is a vital part of marketing and marketers are always trying to build their companies brand. Kim is no different and her investment into the brand of Kim Kardashian herself, her Dash clothing brand as well as other lines has paid off. The celebrity is now worth $65 million. The moral of the story; you should always aim to extend your brand just as Kim has.



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