Online Wording Is Key in Marketing.

Transport companies slipped up this week when it came to digital marketing and there is a lesson to be learned. The way digital marketers write online is hugely important particularly for global companies since the same thing is said very differently from country to country, more so than you'd think. It is something I've grown to learn over the course of my time in the states.

For example over there it is much more acceptable to say 'convenient' rather than 'handy', whereas in Ireland it is probably the opposite. That is just one example - over the course of the day you find many people looking at you with blank faces wondering what you mean by what you said.

Online writing offers far less context and tone than a video or in person communication as described above. Sometimes online writing can be misinterpreted, come across wrong or just look unprofessional.

On New Year's Eve Uber sent out an email marketing campaign to its US customers:

Now let's hope this wasn't sent out to the companies Irish customers or if it was that they don't have an Irish marketing department! While Irish people would know what the popular taxi hailing app means I'm sure an Irish company would have worded the email better, because the word 'ride', has two very different meanings in Ireland.

This happened after Ryanair was made a laughing stock of by comedian Ryan Hand when they misinterpreted a joke on twitter. 

This comes over a year after Ryanair pledged to improve their customer service. Airlines in general have had terrible luck over the years since the rise of social media. Almost five years ago the band Sons of Maxwell launched a song entitled 'United Breaks Guitars', on Youtube which detailed their poor experience when traveling on United Airlines and saw the companies share price decrease significantly. 

Perhaps these companies and others should invest more of their marketing budget on Social CRM which I feel will become even more important in 2015.

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