My New Marketing Blog!

Happy New Year - Welcome to my new Marketing Blog. It's where I'll post any exciting or interesting marketing "stuff" and give my take on it - I just couldn't handle the twitter character limit!

This blog is hosted on my personal website, as you might have noticed that's where I market myself. I encourage other students or individuals to market themselves too. It is a competitive job market out there so now more then ever it is important that each individual differentiate themselves and develop their own personal brand. For people just developing their personal brand I am always willing to give advice or answer any questions you might have. Don't hesitate to get in touch it's not so long ago I was just starting off myself.

A big thanks to Squarespace who make my site possible and who have been incredibly helpful over the past few months.


P.S - Don't be a stranger, follow me on twitter, subscribe and say hello!